BouncePilot Case Study

$1Million in Recovered Revenue in Under 30 days

How BouncePilot Became an online Retailer’s Secret Weapon


One of BouncePilot’s customers* is a California-based online women’s fashion retailer with over 3 million visitors per month. They provide some of the hottest designs by established and emerging designers worldwide. In the last 5 years, they’ve become one of the top online style destinations for style spotters and trendsetters.

*BouncePilot does not currently reveal their customers


With the increase in spend for social media influencers and paid acquisition campaigns, this women’s retailer was generating millions upon millions of visitors. The challenge was: even with all this spend, the head of marketing was looking for new ways to reduce the cost per acquisition. As BouncePilot does not currently reveal their customers, we’ll call her Lauren. Marketing costs continued to increase, and purchases weren’t increasing at the same rate of marketing spend.

Ideally, Lauren wanted a way to increase the ROI of these influencer and paid campaigns, while building a more predictable model for revenue growth. Outside of A/B testing and other conversion strategies, she couldn’t find any new innovative strategies to push the needle — until she stumbled upon BouncePilot.

“It was such an easy decision. We’re really proud of our abandoned cart email campaign. It’s a great earner. When I saw that Bouncepilot could email that campaign to a bigger audience, we had to try it.”


Once Lauren discovered BouncePilot, she knew she found the solution she was looking for.

The magic behind BouncePilot was that it automatically sent abandoned cart emails to unidentified visitors — visitors who were not registered and had never signed up for newsletters, etc. This allowed them to increase the bandwidth and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Before BouncePilot, they were able to email 13% of the people who abandoned carts or products – they didn’t have the email addresses for the rest of them. BouncePilot was able to more than double the revenue from that program.

Now, Lauren could continue to run PPC campaigns and influencer campaigns, and automatically lower the cost per acquisition. This was an opportunity for her and her team to reach the 97% of those visitors that never resulted in an immediate purchase.

“We have high expectations. Over time, we’ll get better at optimizing for the unidentified visitor channel. Based on our experience with the product and team, I would recommend BouncePilot to any online retailer looking to maximize the return from online marketing campaigns.”


Lauren was kind enough to let us share her first 30 day results. After 30 days of use, BouncePilot was able to match and email 23.2% of her unknown shoppers. In total, over 700,000 people. This drove revenue of over $1M. And this was after only 30 days!

Here’s a recap of the full stats from the first 30 days:

  • Revenue Recovered: $1M +

  • Visitors Emailed: 700,000+

  • Match Rate: 23.2%*

  • Overall Open Rate:  20.45%*
  • Abandoned Cart: 37% Open Rate*

  • Abandoned Product: 22.7% Open Rate*

  • Abandoned Page:  17.8% Open Rate*

  • Click Through Rate: 17.3%*

Not bad for one month right? With BouncePilot this online retailer has been able to supercharge their cart conversion rates. It’s not that they’re simply sending out abandoned cart emails, they’re making their entire marketing programs more efficient, and getting a higher return on ad spend. And in case you’re still on the fence, then we’d like you to click here to learn more and get your match rate.