Email Retargeting Features

Convert your anonymous visitors into customers.

Fantastic Reach

Recognize and email a large percentage of the visitors who leave your website without leaving their email address.


email retargeting acquisition

Individually Personalized Emails

Emails are personalized for each visitor, based on their shopping behavior and actions. BouncePilot knows which pages visitors view, products they’ve seen, shopping carts they’ve created and more. You can include a variety of dynamic variables in each email to increase your open, click through, and conversion rates.

Abandoned Cart

used for prospects who have begun a sales process.

Abandoned Category

A visitor who reaches a category page or search results page

Abandoned Product

A visitor who looks at one or more products (or itineraries), but does not add to cart or move further in your funnel.

Abandoned Page

A visitor who abandons after viewing any page.


Campaign Sequence, Cadence, and Timing

  • Send single email or multi-email campaigns.

  • Set the timing of each email in the series, from minutes after abandon to weeks later.


Intelligent Campaign Logic

The goal of your email retargeting is to move visitors through the funnel towards a conversion. This may mean that visitors will visit your site multiple times before they make a purchase. BouncePilot’s email campaigns help guide them to the goal with intelligent campaign logic.
For example, if a visitor comes to your website and looks at a product before leaving, then they will receive email #1 from the Abandoned Product Campaign. If they return to your website, add a product to their shopping cart, and then abandon again – they will move from the Abandoned Product Campaign to the Abandoned Cart Campaign, and receive email #1 from that campaign. All campaigns automatically terminate when a purchase occurs – so no one receives unnecessary emails.

Legal And Compliant

We go above and beyond all the appropriate legislation in the USA, including CANSPAM, as well as the Codes of Conduct of the major marketing standards organizations, including the DAA and the NAI. We handle suppression and unsubscriptions. We take social responsibility and legal responsibility seriously.

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