NEW YORK, OCT 2017 — BouncePilot is picking up the market left behind by Criteo Dynamic Email with its noCRM email retargeting software. With an undisclosed round of funding, the NYC-based startup is on track for 7-digit revenue in its first 12 months. “There is a real demand for software that helps connect unidentified website visitors and brands” said CEO, David Booth.

Today BouncePilot also announced that it has expanded its advisory board to include Travis May (the former CEO of LiveRamp, who has recently become the Chief Growth Officer at Acxiom), and Eric Marterella, Lotame’s Chief Revenue Officer. May and Marterella join Ilya Druzhnikov (who sold Panop, an eCommerce recommendation engine, to Broadbase for $108m) and Heinz Kabutz (an Oracle Java Champion focused on performance and scalability).

“BouncePilot is positioned to lead the noCRM email retargeting space,” said Marterella (formerly a Global VP at Sprinklr, valued at $1.8 billion). “Think about how retargeting revolutionized the display ad. BouncePilot uses people-based marketing technology to do the same for email. I’m excited to be part of the journey.”

“We’re seeing changes in the way that shoppers interact with brands.”, Marterella continued, “Email is an important part of that interaction and it’s a great channel for driving conversions. BouncePilot is capitalizing on real-time opportunities by allowing brands to anticipate needs and deliver value, before they’ve collected an email address.”

Booth is keenly aware of the social implications of such technology, “Shoppers today have a fear of noise. They want only the relevant emails — not ALL the emails that come with subscribing — so even when an audience isn’t willing to submit their email on site, we’re seeing strong interest-determining metrics: open, click through, and conversion rates. noCRM email retargeting relies on real intent between a shopper and a brand to trigger an interaction, just like an anonymous in-store conversation with an employee, without the fear of long-term noise.”

BouncePilot marketing automation technology is used primarily to send abandoned cart, abandoned product, and abandoned website emails to unidentified visitors, though the applications stretch from eCommerce to B2B.


About BouncePilot – BouncePilot offers noCRM email retargeting for eCommerce, retail, travel, and B2B. It follows the codes of conduct of the NAI and DAA, is CANSPAM compliant, and has affirmative opt-in consent for each email recipient it emails on behalf of the brands it represents.

About Travis May – As Chief Growth Officer for Acxiom, Travis oversees the growth strategy and supports the business development and product development efforts of the company. He recently served as President and co-founder of LiveRamp, where under his leadership, LiveRamp transformed itself from a pioneer in data onboarding to a leader in identity resolution. He has also held roles as Chief Product Officer for Acxiom and Vice President of Product Management at LiveRamp. Travis received degrees in Economics and Mathematics from Harvard College, where he graduated with Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude honors.

About Eric Marterella – Eric is the Chief Revenue officer at Lotame. Previously, he served as a Global Vice President at Sprinklr, where he helped to grow it from a $20 Million valuation and 30 people to a $1.8 billion valuation and over 1,200 people. Eric has over 18 years of international sales leadership experience at companies such as Digex Business Internet, AT&T and Cisco.

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